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Luke Robert Flinn

Web Developer | Managing Director Agriculture and Timber Industry

Luke Robert Flinn

Luke Robert Flinn is a Victoria native who attended his local primary school in Warrnambool before pursuing further studies at Warrnambool College. This institution has a rich history, opening its doors as Warrnambool Agricultural High School in 1907. Today, it remains a highly regarded institution celebrated for instilling resilience and a strong student work ethic. After graduating from Warrnambool College with honours, Luke studied at the University of Melbourne. Established in 1853, this public research university is the oldest in Victoria and the second-oldest in Australia.

While studying at both Warrnambool College and the University of Melbourne, Luke worked for various local computer repair businesses in Warrnambool and Melbourne, respectively. This work helped him fund his studies and pursue his interests, including writing and golfing.

Luke is widely recognized for his accomplishments as an author and web developer. He has published numerous top-rated books on web development, the online retail industry in Australia, and the evolving digital landscape. His works offer thought-provoking insights into the relationship between online retail and Australia's economy.

His most popular book explores the lasting impact of the early internet on modern society. At the same time, his latest publication examines the influence of the online fast fashion industry on Australian culture. Luke has also appeared as a guest on several technology-related podcasts broadcast from Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, sharing his expertise and knowledge with others in the industry.